Add an Image, Icon or Logo to Customize Your Facebook Fan Page Wall

October 21, 2009 at 8:14 am 2 comments

Fan Page Wall Image You can customize your Facebook fan pages and profiles with badges, icons, logos with or without hyperlinks. This is one of my favorite things to recommend to clients for making their profiles and fan pages more decorative, valuable and user friendly. Having a user/clientele friendly Facebook profile and fan page is key to having people “get” your brand.

Your fan page reveals a certain style, attitude and value that you offer your market. I believe in making it as easy and obvious for your clientele to know how to connect with you and your offerings on your fan page.

Part of making a fan page clientele friendly is providing links to your other social media sites and your website.

There are several ways to accent your fan page with images.

First, is the fan page wall picture. This image can be as large as 200 pixels by 600 pixels. That’s much longer than the average photo that gets imported. You can have any graphic designer create an image this size that portrays your brand. Some examples of this include:

The next option for adding icons to your fan page wall is by utilizing the Static FBML application.

To add a badge to your fan page wall, there are two requirements before moving forward:
1. Make sure you’ve installed the FBML application
2. Make sure your image is the right size (no more than 160 pixels wide)
3. Load your image into a photo album on facebook or somewhere else online (like your web server).
4. Obtain the link (URL) of the image online. If you’ve loaded it into facebook, you can obtain the right URL by doing the following:
a. view the image and right click on it,
b. select Copy Link Location
c. paste this link into a web browser
d. copy the new URL in the web page that displays the image.

To make the image appear on your fan page wall, follow these steps:

1. Go to your fan page and click Edit Page (just below your fan page picture)
2. Click the pencil icon on the right of the FBML application in your list of applications.
3. Add the Title you want displayed above your image/icon/logo
4. In the FBML area, paste the following code, replacing the items in between the ” to reflect your image. Note you can change or delete the width and height information.

<img src=”; title=”YOUR IMAGE TITLE/NAME” width=”130″ height=”130″><br>

EXAMPLE:  Here is an actual example you can use to test that this works if you can’t make the above work on your own.

BOX TITLE: ISMA Certified Social Media Consultant/Strategist

FBML – static badge – Strategist
<img src=”; title=”Certified Social Media Strategist” width=”126″ height=”126″><br>


FBML – Consultant with hyperlink to the International Social Media Association
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; title=”Certified Social Media Consultant” width=”126″ height=”126″ /></a><br >

Finally, You can also add icons to your regular facebook profile by following the same instructions and utilizing the Profile HTML or Extended Info (preferred) application for your profile.

Good luck and Good branding.

Coach Laura

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